Our services

E-commerce / online trading

Trading via the Internet brings with it many special tax features. We will be happy to support you in optimizing your business.


Influencers & social media

Nowadays, social media is also an interesting source of income, but a tax risk. We can help you with this.


Taxation of real estate

Real estate and its various taxes - simply impenetrable? We can help and support you competently.


Holding company & groups

Holding companies & structures are becoming increasingly popular. You too can now benefit from this type of company.


Conversion / restructuring

Corporate structures are always changing. We walk the path together with you and provide you with comprehensive advice.


International tax law

Tax law plays a major and important role in increasing globalization. We are at your side to advise you.


Self-employed & freelancers

Businesses and freelancers benefit most from individual and targeted tax advice.


Start-ups & business founders

Want to get started as a start-up / business founder with an innovative idea despite a tight budget? We offer optimal support!


Inheritance tax & gift tax

Inheritances and gifts are always a very special and personal matter. We can advise you more closely and competently.


We are pleased to offer you a variety of tax services services. From the classic services of a tax consultancy firm through to our specialized specialized advice.

Classic services
  • Annual financial statements
  • Tax returns
  • Financial accounting
  • Support with tax audits & special VAT audits
  • Handling communication with the tax authorities
Tax advice
  • Business management consulting
  • Preparation of future-oriented tax concepts
  • Planning and structuring company succession
  • Inheritance and gift tax advice
  • Financial advice
Payroll accounting

Every successful entrepreneur comes to the point where they can no longer do without help! However, hiring employees entails a number of other issues.

Our experts in the field of payroll accounting will be happy to assist you with the registration and deregistration of employees and communication with all authorities.

Start-up and structuring advice

A start-up is an unusual and exciting situation that raises many questions. We support you with a tailor-made mix of start-up, tax and legal advice.

Make the right choice of legal form and let our competent tax advisors guide you through all the necessary formalities. Take advantage of our tax expertise when starting your business.

Of course, we will also remain at your side later on and take over the ongoing financial accounting, preparation of the annual financial statements and company tax returns.

Tax structuring

The aim of tax planning is to reduce your tax burden while remaining within the legal framework. We are here to advise you and answer your questions so that we can find and implement the perfect solution for your individual situation.

Change of tax consultant

Changing your tax advisor is very simple: we take care of the entire process while you can concentrate on your company. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have during this process.

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